Sell Gold Jewellery: Hallmarks

You may wish to identify the carat or purity value before you sell your gold to HOW Cash for Gold. The Hallmarks of Great Britain have been in place for over 700 years. There are four customary hallmarks – these tell you who made the item, when and where it was made and confirm that the piece is pure. The gold has to be ‘assayed’ (checked for purity) at one of the four UK Assay offices. The Sponsor’s mark tells you which company sent the item for testing, and the Assay Office Mark tells you which office tested it. The standard mark tells you the standard fineness of precious metal. 

Getting the best price for your gold

The Assay Offices are in London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh. You can get in touch with HOW Cash for Gold at any point if you have any queries about selling your jewellery, identifying its value and topics like diamond clarity. The team have been in the business for decades and are part of one of the most prestigious jewellery companies in the UK. They are happy to pay some of the most competitive prices for gold on the market. Head to the home page today to find out more about hallmarks and getting more for your jewellery.

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