How It Works

  1. If you go to our “get started now” section and enter all the required details into the form, we will give you a very clear indication of what we will pay you.
  2. Once you have completed the form, we will send you a fully insured diamond pack. Upon receipt of your diamond pack, please put your precision goods in the jewellery pouch inside the fully insured envelope. Then take it to the post office, and keep the special delivery copy. We have had over ten thousand parcels in the last six years, and never one has ever gone missing. You will also be able to track online from Royal mail the delivery of your parcel to us.
  3. When your parcel arrives with us, we will open it carefully, and then work out the value of your diamond or diamond jewellery.
  4. Every parcel that arrives, we make appoint of phoning you on the day of its arrival, to put your mind at ease that it has arrived, and so that we can make you a proper offer, which hopefully you are happy to accept.
  5. Once you have accepted our offer, we will ask you for your bank details, and we will do a bank transfer by 4pm the same day into your bank account.
  6. If you do not wish to accept our offer, we will return your goods free of charge and fully insured via Royal mail.
  7. If you need the money urgently, it may be easier if you send your goods without our free diamond pack as this whole process is 2 – 3 days before you may get our diamond pack. Whereas if you send your goods today we will receive tomorrow and you, we have the money in your account from you posting to us receiving the money into your account within 24 hours. Please address to HCFD, 48B Hendon Lane, Finchley, London N3 1TT. And if you wish to telephone us 020 8446 8538 to tell us that you are sending your goods then we will give priority when it arrives. Please make sure you send by Special Delivery.
  • Track your package!
    Sent us your parcel and would like to know where it is?

    Click the Royal Mail logo above to track your parcel online.